Company Policy & Management Principles

Takasago Thermal Engineering has set “Contribution to society through personal harmony and creativity” as its company policy.
          The company policy expresses what Takasago Thermal Engineering must contribute to its stakeholders through its corporate activities, as well as our commitment that all executives and employees must act so as to complement and cooperate with each other, each and every one making the most of our inventive creativity and sharing a common understanding of the Company’s aims, in order to make that contribution. It is the basis of our fundamental approach to CSR, which positions CSR management at the core of management as an integral part of our business, since we work to increase our corporate value while bearing social responsibility and seeking to realize a sustainable society.
          In fiscal 2014,   we pursued  CSR  activities  based on   the five key themes of    “fair and
highly transparent management,” “further improving customer satisfaction,” “contributing to environmental conservation,” “realizing employee satisfaction,” and “harmony with society,” while thoroughly implementing CSR management through the PDCA cycle, in which activities are regularly reviewed and issues clarified at meetings chaired by the president and then applied to future activities.
          With the harmony and creativity of each and every person, we will contribute to the sustainable development of society by providing construction equipment and technologies that save energy and reduce CO2 emissions aimed at realizing the highest quality air environment and a low carbon society. At the same time, through our efforts under these five key themes, we will improve communication with all stakeholders and fulfill our responsibility as a member of society.