History of International Business

1974     Opened a representative office in Singapore
               Established Singapore Branch

1977     Established Overseas Business Unit under the Sales Division

1980     Established Overseas Business Division
               Established T.T.E Engineering (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

1981     Opened an office in Macao

1983     Reorganized Overseas Business Division into Overseas Business Department

1984     Opened an office in Hong Kong
               Established Thai Takasago Co., Ltd.

1986     Established Takasago America Inc.

1990     Established Hong Kong Branch

1991     Opened a representative office in Shenzhen, China

1994     Established Takasago Thermal Engineering (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
               Opened a representative office in Batam, Indonesia

1995     Established Takasago Philippines Inc.
               Opened a representative office in Suzhou, China

1996     Established Taiwan Branch

2001     Opened a representative office in Shanghai, China

2003     Established CEEDI Takasago Engineering & Consulting Co., Ltd., a joint venture, in China
               Established Takasago Constructors & Engineers (Beijing) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, in China

2005     Established Takasago Singapore Pte. Ltd.
               Reorganized Overseas Business Department into Overseas Business Division

2007     Established Takasago Vietnam Co., Ltd.

2012     Established Takasago Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.

2013     Established PT Takasago Thermal Engineering in Indonesia

2014     Established Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. Myanmar Branch Office

2015     Established Takasago Engineering Mexico, S.A. de C.V.