Energy Saving

SWIT® Stratified HVAC System

Our “energy savings renewal business, which use SWIT® in energy saving improvements to buildings with large open areas such as factories, halls, and gymnasiums, were presented with the Director General Prize of Agency of Natural Resources and Energy in the Business Model Category of the “2012 Energy Conservation Grand Prize for excellent energy conservation equipment” (held by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan supported by the Ministry of economy, Trade and Industry). Our measure for energy saving solutions by SWIT®’s exceptional energy saving performance combined with our cycle of “prior verification” “original design,””streamlining work,”and “follow-up verification and operation improvement,”was highly praised as a business model which has a great influence on the progress of energy saving.

HVAC System

Full-scale Entry into
“Energy service Business” for Factory

The energy service business is a one-stop solution for installing, maintaining, and managing heat source equipment. Under the energy service business model, The company retains ownership pf boilers, freezers, and other heat source equipment, and supplies energy to the customer, while tracking energy usage and optimizing operations for the customer’s needs, This service helps our customers streamline the management at their facilities.

Energy Service Business